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Heartflow Kids

Infinite Kids at Bedtime | Mindfulness Deck

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Help your kids tap into their inner awareness, inner potential, growth mindset, and more at bedtime with our beautifully illustrated cards that include inspiring mantras and guided meditation practices. The core practices include breathwork, visualization, positive mindset development, and more. While these practices can be taught, learned, or adapted for any time of day, they are intended to be used during the magical window that presents at bedtime: the most sacred time for us to connect, release, and rest our bodies for our highest potential. It is our hope that these cards create a sacred portal of connection between you and your children and build their inner capability to create a life of joy, peace, and purpose. About the Cards: There are 16 cards in the set that include engaging illustrations with mantras and guided meditations on the back that are intended for parents or caregivers to lead their children on a relaxing journey at bedtime.


From Infinite Kids, Quantum Families

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